Saturday, 12 October 2013

thanksgiving is here!!!!!!! (well in canada)

well thanksgiving is here and this called for a new post. if you're a regular human being you will be hitting the couch this weekend with the annual food coma. all the turkey, gravy, potatoes, and pie will make you question everything around you. but if you're like me and you hate mashed potatoes and stuffing you will be eating hot dogs and fries this weekend. but i mean might as well look super cute while sitting at the dinner table. my advice is to be comfortable. wearing tight pants or a tight skirt may feel alright at first but once you are through your first serving, something more loose will be calling your name.


babydoll polka dot dress: american apparel
knee high socks: american apparel
sandals: topshop
sunglasses: aldo accessories


  1. this dress is super cute, and it looks so fab with knee highs! I love the term 'food coma' haha, sadly we dont' have thanksgiving here in aus, but boy do I get that feeling on christmas!

  2. Cute outfit! :)

  3. Oh my gosh that dress is beyond perfect!!
    Looks fab on you, babydoll dresses always make me look so frumpy! (I wear them anyway haha)
    Sarah x

    1. i saw online that they carry a sunflower print version of this dress but they don't carry it in my city :'( looks like i should venture out and try to find it! and maybe every other sunflower piece they carry...((obsessed))