Sunday, 20 October 2013

weekly update: halloween inspiration

*cue the spooky music*
as the days get closer i realize that I still don't have a halloween costume. this is where the panic sets in.
but then i come to conclusion that i will probably go as batman for the eighth year in a row and hey, i'm okay with that.
but this also means that october is coming to an end. each year i find this hard to take in so i will light a few pumpkin spice candles and continue with my new dull life. november isn't a great time but that means i'm only about 11 months away from october.
so what are you going as for halloween? or do you have a suggestion for what i should be?! help!


  1. batman eight years in a row :') hahaha! I was Stephen King's Carrie for Halloween :)

    1. i was batman for 3 years in a row! i changed it up this year and went as wednesday addams!