Thursday, 7 August 2014


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a three syllable word which holds such power over one. 
such a small word if you put it into perspective.
but the meaning which it holds is continuously lacking in many people around us. 
everyday i'm becoming more aware of those who surround me who lack confidence. 
it makes me very sad because i once was in their place and i know it's a tough spot to be in. 
personally, i found my confidence lacked towards beauty.
i never found myself ugly, but i wouldn't categorize myself as the idea of "pretty" or "beautiful".
i always felt that those around me judged me based on my appearance and i found it difficult to meet people based on these thoughts. throughout high school i became more aware of my issue with low confidence. 
i finally realized that i needed to fix my issues with myself and how i looked at my beauty.
i mentally sat down with myself and gave myself the pep talk of the century and i was slowly able to get out of my slump.
each day i found something i loved about myself, as cliche as that is, and i would think about it during the day if i wasn't feeling confident. 
now i can say that i love my eyebrows, my sense of style, my hair length, the clarity of my skin, and my eye colour. 
even just starting out with one thing made it possible to get to where i am today!

Lauren Taylor


  1. Before I even read the text post, the one thing I was thinking while scrolling through the pictures was "this girl's genes are on fire". You are so stunning, the first thing I noticed about you was your gorgeous eyes. Model material in my books, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I'm truly happy that you now have that confidence that you so deserve! ooh and your outfit and location are perfectly lovely by the way girl, your style is on point. :)

    - J

  2. Such a powerful post, lovely outfit too. Keep making cool shit pretty lady xx

  3. super!!:) x

  4. lauren you are such babe! I love this post and your positive outlook. ps. loving the amount of american apparel going on in this outfit