Wednesday, 9 October 2013

weekly inspiration = rookie magazine

all images are from rookie magazine

usually i keep things i obsess over to myself. i do this because i become so obsessed with something that it comes to the point that all i do is talk about it.
i need to share this with you guys.

rookie magazine

i discovered rookie magazine about 9 months ago and i've gone on it every day since. now if you're a boy you probably won't be able to relate to these stories. but you can read them if you want.. i'm not judging... (kinda am)(kinda not)(idk).
anyways, rookie magazine has changed me. Tavi has easily composed the world's greatest magazine.
Usually I try to get along with all the girls around me, but let's get real. We will encounter those few girls that no matter what we do or say they hate us. So, I was having some problems with a few girls and Rookie magazine released an article teaching me how to 'bitchface'. Since that day I've pulled out the bitch face on regular occasions and I can say that it has a 99.9% success rate.
Throughout these past few months I've read many memorable articles but from all of this I've been able to realize that Rookie is here for us girls. It teaches us how to embrace our bodies, personalities, and looks. I'm so thankful for Rookie and Tavi and her amazing crew and I just wanted to share this amazing site with you guys.


learn how to be a bitch like me

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