Thursday, 22 May 2014

LacQit Mini Nails Kit

I am so excited to introduce to you guys, the LaQit Mini Nails Kit!
LaQit is the first ever no-wipe All in One Step Gel Polish.
30 seconds in the LED high beam powered mini light, and my nails are left smooth and shiny!

What is so great about the LaQit Mini Nail Kit?
The LaQit Mini Nail Kit allowed me to create salon nails at home. After putting two AA batteries into the mini lamp, I plugged in the USB cord into my computer and the LED high beam power mini light turned on. 
With two simple steps I created my perfect summer nails. 

The LacQit Mini Nails Kit came with:
1-LacQit USB/battery Highbeam LED High Lamp
1-LacQit Color
1-Nail file 
1-Cuticle stick
10-Remover packets

The steps were simple for applying the gel polish. 
1. Push back cuticles
2. File to remove shine from nail
3. With a lint free wipe and alcohol sanitize and clean nails.
4. Apply thing even coat/coats of LaQit
5. Cure 30 seconds each coat and DONE!!

The colour I used was ' Pool Side Popsicle '
Each bother lasts for 30 coats!

I am very happy with the outcome of my nails! I would recommend this product to anyone. For only $24.95, you will be saving hundreds of dollars at home. Perfect for a spa night with the girls!
You can find out more information and browse more colours at


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