Wednesday, 10 September 2014

i recently came across this picture while going through my camera's memory card.
it makes me miss those friends that i made in high school and i seem to be nostalgic on memories that we made.
listening to mess is mine by vance joy doesn't help the emotional loss of these friends but my new journey in university has made up for most of it.
three weeks in and i'm loving it! (and i've actually made friends!!!!)
but seriously, if you love education and want a new experience i highly recommend attending a college or university of some type and just living the experience.
sorry about the lack of outfit posts i need to find friends who will take pictures. 

Lauren Taylor


  1. Nice:) x

  2. Use a tripod! :P I went on my first college visit last weekend and it was so nice! I'm excited to go but I'm scared I won't get into the college I want :O