Monday, 7 July 2014

90's girl

top: garage
skirt:american apparel
flannel:my dads
shoes:forever 21
watch:michael kors

being born so late in the 90's, i've come to envy and teenager growing up during the entire decade.
the fashions of early hip hop and grunge head bangers makes me completely and utterly jealous of any teenager experiencing this time.
with the influences of courtney love and kurt cobain, colourful hair and black lipstick became the norm. 
although easily achieved today by many, the 90's allowed many teenagers to express themselves to their fullest without being judged.
it's been a life long dream of mine to cut my hair short and dye it pastel pink. but in reality today's society makes it so that i'm way too shy and too unconfident to do it.
oh how i wish i lived in the 90's.

on another note check me out on instagram this week. i'm a stylist for @projectfashionyou and my main account is @oklaur

Lauren Taylor

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