Monday, 21 April 2014

black magic

top/american apparel
cardigan/american apparel
skirt/american apparel
knee socks/american apparel

please excuse my awful tan lines, sport have started up again and i swear it will rain everyday except the days when i have to wear a v neck shirt and here are the results of it.
i recently picked up this black pleated skirt at American Apparel for 30% off so I couldn't say no. 
Plus what's another black piece of clothing really gonna do, (lot's cause i only ever wear black).
i decided to go out of the norm and picked up this crop top spaghetti strap style top from American Apparel a few weeks ago. i don't usually have the confidence to wear anything like this but i thought i might as well take a chance. they had tons of cute spring colours but of course i stuck to my usual colour chart.
what do you guys think of it?

i've been trying to talk some more with bloggers to create some collaborations and friendships so if you ever want to chat or set up a collab email me at
i check my email usually 5 times a day and i would love to hear thoughts or comments or anything from you guys.

talk to you all soon,
Lauren Taylor



  1. lauren I love this outfit! I swear every time I visit your blog there's something else from american apparel that I want! the crop top look so fab on you. I'd love to do some kind of funky collab with you but have no clue what?!


    1. i'm too addicted to buying clothes wahhhh
      email me and we can think of something! i'm thinking we pick a key piece and feature how we both style it?!?!


  2. Lovely outfit! :)