Wednesday, 18 December 2013

weekly update: time

1/ it's scary to think about how quickly life goes by. it seems like yesterday i was the awkward 12 year old starting high school, and now here i am, a 17 year old senior in high school (still slightly awkward).
it's crazy to think that in just a few months i will be walking across a stage being handed a diploma which pushes me into life. 
in 8 months i will be moving away to another country and attending university in the USA. it's terrifying to think about because i've never lived alone, especially in another country.

but in light of all of this my favourite part is planning for the future. i couldn't be anymore excited for what life brings me. if my life follows the path i've dreamed of, i will be sitting in a small cafe in NYC in a few years. it's nerve racking to think about all the struggles i will face, the relationships that will end, and the stress that will live with me throughout university. but it's riveting to think about the places i will see, the friends i will meet, and the pictures i will take.
i've never been so excited to face a journey. i'm sad to lose a part of my youth, but it's amazing finally being able to grow up.

recent songs played:
atlas hands-benjamin francis leftwich
move-pacific air


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  2. Nice post! At age 34 let me tell you the whole time going fast thing only gets worse. It seems like just a moment ago I was graduating from college and now I headed for 40! Either way savor every moment and congratulations for being so daring to move to NYC for college. Good luck!

  3. Love your pictures, congrats on moving to NYC..lucky lady!