Saturday, 5 October 2013

weekly inspiration

get to know your blogger
name: lauren
location: canada
age: 16
what kind of music would we find on your ipod? john mayer and indie rock
what do you like about like about fashion? i love being able to represent myself as an individual through clothing i love
what is your dream vacation? bali!!!!!!!!! (i really like bali)
what would your dream clothing sponsorship be? easy choice, american apparel
what is your favourite movie? beauty and the beast
what's one cool fact about yourself? i'm lactose intolerant


  1. Ahh, I'd love to go to Bali too, it looks so exotic and pretty! (well from what I can gather from tropical pictures on tumblr and the odd Bondi Rescue episode there).

    1. it looks amazing! i follow a girl on tumblr who lives in Bali at the moment and i am just so jealous. we need to go together!

  2. sometimes I wish I was lactose intolerant so I couldn't eat dairy and then I would not get spots that are caused by me eating too much dairy :')

    1. i got really luckily because i hated yogurt, milk, cheese, and all those prior to being labelled as lactose. but i have an insane weakness for ice cream!! summertime is a great time to indulge in the 60 case pack of ice cream sandwiches.