Friday, 27 June 2014

prom day

dress: sherri hill

it's official.
i am DONE high school.
after a long 5 years i can finally say i am one step closer to university. 
in a month and a half i'm embarking off to colorado and i will see where life takes me.
but for the moment i got to spend an entire day in this beautiful dress by sherri hill.
for the first time in my high school career i finally did my hair and put on some makeup and it was worth it.
i'm so thankful for my wonderful friends who made my day special and my awesome boyfriend. 
love you all
Lauren Taylor


  1. A golden pair, for sure. :)
    As well as that dress, it is absolutely radiant and makes you glow even more! Hope it was a swell time, lots of luck for Colorado x

  2. aww lauren you look amazing! that dress is so beautiful. congrats on finishing! I have like months to go ah x

  3. That dress is gorgeous, you look beautiful!
    Emily | emiloue

  4. What a gorgeous dress, you look amazing!!